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Thread: First Carputer Setup

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    First Carputer Setup

    How does this sound for my first setup?

    512 DDR (Kingston)
    2.5" 80GB

    Obviously thats just the basics, I will add things like dvd/cd drive and other things I can pick up locally later. But for the base system, this seems like it should be plenty powerful, while still cheap. I plan on running MP3 media, GPS Nav, OBDII. I'm going to keep my HU, it plays DVD's and all, so that will be my proprietary DVD player, and use the AUX input from the PC.

    I will have a 10" TS molded in my dash, but also want to use sun visor LCD's (for watching movies. I'm guessing I will need a different video card (unless MII12000 supports multiple screens)

    Anyways, does this sound good? I priced the components and came to about $350 for those 4 things. I welcome all input. Thank you.

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    54 views and no responses. Come on guys, let me know what you think. Mostly I just need help with the dual simultaneous video output.

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    M2-ATX works great, just got mine a bit ago.

    Everything looks good, I would go more harddrive and less ram if money was an issue. You are going to want to keep *all* of your mp3's on there, along with some movies and about 5 or 6 GB of software. (gps applications and the such)
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