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    Stock System questions

    First yes i searched and i have emailed and posted to Pudge. he did a 98 Tib carputer and my 99 is the same dash and everything. I am posting here as a way to double tap i guess as his last activity was a month ago and was wanting some advice. My main question is i do not have a system and am really not looking to get one as i feel the stock one is good enough. maybe i havent searched enough but it seems everyone has subs and amps and 6x9s and etc etc. is it possible just to wire a stock system to the carputer and what is needed. it looks like nothing more than a weekend project. im a techie and have researched this quite thouroughly as far as components and stuff but when it comes to electrical and stuff im still a noob.

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    yes - use a fm modulator and wire it up for power as normal

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