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Thread: tapping into stock radio harness for igntion power?

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    Quote Originally Posted by d_sellers1
    I know where you're going with it. I made a typo in the last post (corrected). I think at the beginning I was under the impression that you were wondering if you could simply run power through the IGN wire. You're on the right track with running the 4-ga for power and using the IGN wire for remote turn on.

    ok cool, hey you just reminded me that i need an ign wire for the amp also. how would i go about doing that? theres an anti-thump feature on the psu right? so if there a terminal i can connect the amp wire to on te psu?

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    if i could connect it right there that would be cool.

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    Remote wire and input is simply +12VDC (no ground needed).

    It is similiar to a relay. When the input receives the +12VDC (when you turn on the car), the relay makes the connection between the power and ground on the amp thus turning it on.

    If your PSU has a built-in amp thump thingie that's too cool. I'm actually going to need to hook up a delayed relay timer to delay the input to the remote of the amp until after the soundcard on the computer has initialized in order to prevent the thump.

    I'll put the +12VDC IGN wire in to the relay and after the timer has elapsed it will close the circuit and pass the voltage in to the amp remote input.

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