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Thread: help choosing. ?

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    help choosing. ?

    Hi i'm a newbie, i have read the PSU threads/faq but can find what to do..

    i use the calculators to see my wattage requierements and i end with a total of 198 watts.

    My system would be.
    1- ECS k7S5A motherboard
    1- Athlon XP 1500+ with high performance fan
    1- DDR 512mb(or maybe 2 sticks 256mb ea.)
    1- IDE hard drive 7200 rpms
    1- PCI sound card (sound blaster live)
    1- CD-RW
    1- USB gps
    2- serial devices connected using serial to usb converters
    1- serial device
    1- touchscreen screen

    i was considering the M2-ATX.. so what is another option in the same price range ??

    Thanks a lot guys.

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    Do you mean another option power wise? The Opus is comparable and is some people's minds better. Bit pricier, but in the same "range".

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    Well i mean something that can meet my requirements. Because if that calculator is kinda exact saying i need 198 wattas , and the M2-ATX is rated at 160 watts. i will be way off

    So what are my options ?

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    you need to work out what power you need on what voltages not just the total power. Only car power supply that big I think is the DSATX but your still far too close to its max and might well be over on one of the lines. You either need to reduce the power you need or go over to an ATX supply and an inverter setup.

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    Be careful about listening to this, but when I ran the power calculators it said I needed over 200 (210-220, can't remember exactly how much). I took a chance and went with the Opus 150 and it has worked flawlessly with my setup.
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