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Thread: No Idea???

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    No Idea???

    Hello all,

    I am completely new to all this and am intending to learn all I can over the next few months.
    I want to build a system in my car that will basically be the control centre for everything within the interior space of the car. I want it to do all the usual stuff like Audio, Video, Diagnostics etc.. but I also want it to control the Climate control system aswell.
    Basically I want to start building up the system and want to know what people think I need to buy?
    I will be mounting a 7" touch screen in the dash and the rest behind the dash.
    This is my interior at the mo. Its a VW Corrado with an Audi TT dash and 2001 V6 running gear. I will be replacing the headunit and the climate control panel with the 7" touch screen.

    Thoughts please?



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    yeah reduce the size of your pics for a start

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