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Thread: Need Help with the Purchasing of a New System!!

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    Need Help with the Purchasing of a New System!!

    Ok, well to start off, I really don't have much of a clue of what I'm doing. I understand much of the basic things and how they will all eventually work, I just can't figure out the bigger picture. I am also having some issues with what I have to purchase in order to make this whole system run.

    I own a 2002 dodge Neon. At first I wanted to put an all in one, in dash system in. I looked at the pioneer AVIC-Nx models for a while but then realised they would not fit. Now, to my knowlege, the only one that does fit is the Eclipse AVN7000. Unfortunatly this is a bit out of my price range at close to 2400 dollars.

    Now, I am looking at building a computer w/ a motorized AV reciever.

    This is the computer I built on Mp3Car.Com

    MP3Car Custom Car Computer (Ampie) MP3Car Custom Car Computer (Ampie)
    - Motherboard VIA VIA EPIA M10000 Mini-ITX Mainboard [MP3CAR-0045]
    - Memory 512MB DDR RAM PC2700 184-Pin DIMM Memory [MP3CAR-0059]
    - Hard Drive 2.5" Hard Drive 60GB Samsung 5400rpm [MP3CAR-0067]
    - Hard Drive 2 None
    - Operating System Windows XP Home [MP3CAR-0065]
    - Monitor No monitor
    - CD/DVD /w External Enclosure Panasonic Slot Load DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive [MP3CAR-0088]
    - Wireless Linksys USB Wireless G [MP3CAR-0079]
    - Sound On-board
    - Vehicle Power Supply M1-ATX [MP3CAR-0008]
    - Build Build & Test [MP3CAR-0134]
    - Keyboard Mini PS2 Keyboard [MP3CAR-0075]

    Cost to me - 860

    The A/V reciever I found at Circuit city was another 840 dollars. So it's now a grand total of 1700. Not too bad. I figure I can get both installed for a couple hundred more at most. I wish I could spend a bit less (about 1700 total w/ installation, I am not very car savvy) Now I've run into another problem. To put the in dash motorized reciever in, I have to take out the radio, the tape deck, and all the controls that go along with this. There is also a factory installed 4 disc CD changer that is located at the very bottom of my center console. Now of course I want to be able to connect the CD changer, have a radio, and still have all the other features that entail with the purchasing of a system (GPS, Music, etc...). I don't know how its going to be possible for me to do this... Is there a way I can hook up the radio to the computer system and control it from there?

    I literally have 3 inches of space to work with as far as height goes. Width is 7-9 inches.

    It seems that my car is not suited to have a system in it, so I'm really getting a headache from all of this. lol. It seems every time I find a solution it ends up being more complicated and more expensive than the last.

    I also have another question - Will the touch screen just work when I plug it in or am I going to have to install additional software?

    EDIT: I solved my tuner problem. Apparently the reciever comes with built in tuner software.

    Thanks in advance for your help,

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    First, what ever you want to buy at circuit city WILL NOT work PERIOD.
    Since you already look at mp3car store, get the screen/monitor from there.
    But I would suggest you to hold off your purchase and research.

    Read this thread New to CarPCs? Don't know where to start?
    and Show off your project and search for Dodge Neon. I am sure there are more than 1 dodge neon install available or maybe other similar dodge/chrysler available.
    Also read the FAQ Emplorium.
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