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Thread: Double Din: room for 7" lcd & slot load DVD?

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    Double Din: room for 7" lcd & slot load DVD?

    It looks like there is enough room to fit a 7" LCD and a slot load DVD/CD drive in a Double-DIN space. However, I haven't seen any projects yet that have done it.

    I'm sure this is obvious but just in case, here are examples of the products:

    Example 7" LCD:
    Example slot-load DVD:

    What I'm wondering is--are there any projects doing this that I have just missed? If not, is there some reason why this is avoided that I may not be aware of?

    I would really like to have both a 7" touch screen and slot-load cd drive in the dash, professional looking and everything. So, I would prefer not to move the LCD up on a stand or anything like that.

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    You haven't seen it because with only a standard douple DIN opening, it will NOT fit both.
    Height it the main problem.
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    yeah it won't fit. the only way people with golfs do it is by losing the cupholders above the double din

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    that's the only way I would have been able to do it

    but it won't work for an 8", I know that...
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    Yeah, I wouldn't be able to fit both in my DoubleDIN with the TView screen.

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    You'd be able to do it on a lot of the older Lexus...

    They use 2.5 Din...

    SC300/400, etc....



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