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Thread: bench testing touchscreen monitor

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    bench testing touchscreen monitor

    How do you go about powering an indash touch screen in your house? Do they come with a brick included? Is there an extra set of cables needed?

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    My lilliput came with the standard cig lighter and also a block style AC adapter.
    mATX mobo
    2.4 GHz Celeron (prescott)
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    80 GB 3.5" HD
    Runnin off an inverter (for now)
    7" Lilliput
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    Have yet to pull the trigger on a slim slot load DVD
    STATUS: who knows... I don't

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    Ok, awesome so I do not have to go hunting for parts.
    Thanks for the reply

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    atlharry, is your screen an in-dash unit though? On a normal Lilliput I know there would be a brick, but I would not expect to see a normal DC barrel plug power jack on an in-dash screen... and all the pictures I've seen seem to indicate it uses wiring harnesses with rectangular connectors for its power connections...

    You can still run it easily if you have a spare ATX power supply lying around, you can jumper them to turn on and you can get +12v from that. Search the forums, or google, for more information on that. Or, you would probably be just fine wiring it to the 12v line of one of the molex power connectors in your computer.
    But don't take it from me! here's a quote from a real, live newbie:
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    I am learning buttloads just by searching on this forum. I've learned 2 big things so far: 1-it's been done before, and 2-if it hasn't, there is a way to do it.

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