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Thread: Upgrade - what to do?

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    Upgrade - what to do?

    After a few hours of research I figure I have about 20 more to go if im lucky! My carpc has been up for 3-4 months and is great but the cpu is too slow so I want to get a new mobo(miroc atx)/cpu.
    I have an m2-atx with my lilli wired off of it, a dvd burner(never used to burn), 2 3.5" ide HDs, 4-5 usb devices(includes kb & mouse), and wifi card.

    I have been using this calculator. Unfortunately it doesnt have all the cpus that I find, and I dont know what exactly counts as an on board component. Its also the only calculator ive found that splits stuff into the 3 rails.

    With all of these things to consider: m2-atx bugs/issues, cpu underclocking, pentium v amd v etc, mobo/cpu ugrade under win xp, power consumption/calculations, on board components, video card or not, etc etc....... I am having trouble figuring out what to get.

    All ive really decided on is getting one stick of 512mb ram

    I have about 150-200 to spend on the mobo/cpu. I mostly play mp3s, gps, and also watch dvds and video clips. I dont know much about CPUs, what is good now, or what is cheap now. Could you recommend a cpu I should start looking at that is in my price/power range.
    Windows XP is ****!!!
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    I'm eying these two:

    Aopen i945GTt


    New guy needs help with VIIV CarPC

    Dono if those are within your price range.
    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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