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Thread: Problem using Latest RR Version

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    Problem using Latest RR Version

    MODS please delte.

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    I'd suggest posting this in the correct forum:

    The forum that is dedicated to RR, not the newbie section.

    Good luck!

    PS: for your first issue, winamp opens because that's what RR uses to play music. If you close it, RR doesn't have anything to play music with.

    for the second issue, are you absolutely positive you aren't hitting it twice? have you tried messing with your mouse sensitivity at all to see if that helps some?
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    Quote Originally Posted by left_hooked
    Hello Road Runner newbie here:

    Goinf to be doing a carputer here shortly and wanted to get the Front end taking care of first. A few minor issues which I sure can be easily fixed by the carputerGODS.

    Download Road Runner + BMV2 Skin InstallShield
    Downloaded a few skins from the Skins button on RR's site
    Downloaded Skin Editor
    Downloaded reccomended Winzmp version <stable version>

    1) When I open RR, Winamp seems to open as well under RR window? If I close Winamp, Music will not play

    2) On Screen keyboard "buttons" seem to type 2 of everything I type. If I use my keyboard, all types fine.

    3) I unzipped the Skins to the skins directory. Tried to change skin from the Skin selector, RR locks up. Have to go back to RR configuration Tool to change back to default BMV2 skin.

    4) Currently I am testing RR on my laptop with a screen resolution of 1680x1050. RR doesnt seem to resize to full screen, rather stay anchored to same size and 0,0. I see you can edit this in the INI, which I changed to 1680x1050...just made it mount to the middle of the screen, rather than resize it.

    5) After making the .ini screen side changes the web now doesnt seem to

    6) Rather than editing a skin, is there any tools to start from scratch with maybe an Insert_Picture option? Or am I missing something simple here. The default middle logo is "H" for Honda, i'd rather change it to a solid picture.

    If you dont mind, please reply in a #1 <answer> #2 <answer fashion>. As not to get question/resolution mixed up.


    First run the updater program that came with RR there may be even more updates.

    1.) RR launches winamp to be run in the background its not an issue. Don't close it and you'll be able to listen to music.

    2.) Downloading the latest update may solve this issue.

    3.) Again, most skins only work on the latest RR you have an older version

    4.) Read RR's FAQ's there's something in there about resizing the screen. I think you may have to also edit the .skin files. Don't hold me to that though.
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    Moved thread to suggested forum..please follow the above posted link to answer

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