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Thread: 1999 VW Beetle Dash Removal

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    1999 VW Beetle Dash Removal

    Hello, i am new to car moding and i have a rather newbie question

    I am trying to remove the dash ( that plastic thing where the radio and AC controls are ) i have spent about 10 hours attempting to remove just that one piece i have looked all over the net, in the manual, and in these forums and have found close to what i am looking for, but not actually found it

    i am probably just missing something simple, i was able to remove all of the torx screws for on the underside (under the flasher butten) and i just cant seem to be able to pull the thing off,

    I know that Bugbyte was able to get his off, but i was unable to find a picture of torx screw locations or a discription of the removal process.

    and i am not looking to be "spoon fed" i have spent a lot of time on this and im unable to figure it out

    any help would be absolutly great

    thank you all very much


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    I also have been looking everywher to find a picture showing the locaion of the torx screws to remove the dash, however mine is the B5.5 chassis, i have heard from a few thers screws behind the back of the double din faceplate/frame but i didnt see any.

    If anyone knows where please let me know as well as if you have or know of a picture that would be awesome if you could pust it

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    You might be better off checking in at a VW-specific forum.
    Sure, there are people that know the answer, but there are far more people that know the answer on a VW-focused forum.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Visit or pick up a bentley manual for your car from amazon.

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    i figured it out, but thanks anyways

    they should give you service manuals standerd when you buy a car... seems like a good idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubbugg
    i figured it out, but thanks anyways

    they should give you service manuals standerd when you buy a car... seems like a good idea

    i dont think thats a good idea, you'd have incompetant people screwing with the car

    that happens anyway, but MORE people thought they knew what to do, then, more problems

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    just incase anyone else needs to know, heres a quick description of what you need to do:
    Remove the radio (special tools needed)
    there should be two torx screws behind it. (t25 i think)
    On top of the dash, there is a panel that looks seperate right in the middle. Push it foward towards the wondshield. it might be tight, if so use something made out of soft plastic to push it back. should be a couple of screws under that as well.
    THere are 4 torx screws holding the buttons in under the dash (defrost, 4 way flashers etc) two from the bottom, and then you have to pop the two plastic end caps off for two more. once that is down, there are at least two more under that.
    If I remember right, then that thing should come off. (btw, once its out, it kinda looks liek a darth vader helmet. at least thats what we thought at the dealership...)
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