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Thread: VGA to Composite

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    VGA to Composite

    My question is it possible, and if so how hard would it be to build your own vga to composite convertor, you can buy them in stores for like 70 or so $ like that website, but it seems as though you could create your own, and i've been searching all over to find people that have done it but i cant seem to. Even a vga to s-video would do me wonders, because right now i have a desktop computer in my car and i would really like to put my laptop in there and the only video out is a vga, and i'm not really looking to spend that much more money on it. Any help is wonderful help, thanks.

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    well, you can find pinouts of all the different connectors, but to go from VGA which has like 15 wires or whatever, to composite, which is what, 5, would u need a chip in there somewhere?

    so, it has to be possible, i just dont know if it'll be that simple

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