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Thread: Need your suggestion on placement of LCD.

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    Need your suggestion on placement of LCD.

    I plan to start a carputer soon, and I need YOUR help in determining where I should put my lilliput screen?

    The cubby just above the ashtray (above the shifter) is removable. It would be low, but I'm thinking of that area. It's very easy to remove (two screws) and spacious with the cubby removed.


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    wrong forum for this question. try searching for others with your car or post this in fabrication or something. maybe even work logs.

    but this section is for finished carpc projects only
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    mod pl. move the thread mean while I will reply to it.

    I would move the ac/fan control knobs lower and put screen in place of radio+knobs.

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    And it's your ride. You choose the screen location based on your ability to fabricate (or pay for fabrication), your budget and your driving position.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I agree with double negative 7... moving the a/c controls down will be step one, then fabbing the screen will be #2... the end result will be one of a kind and just be sure you have photos on the ready to show off your work, you'll be happy... the biggest piece of advice I have for you is to not rush, take your time... try to buy the dash pieces and work on those while you still have tunes in your car...

    a second idea is to use the USB widgets board to control your A/C... as long as it isn't climate control it would be fairly easy, but then you have to wait for computer boot to have controls... and a crash/overheat/cpu failure means you melt or freeze...

    personally, I would move the controls... you'll be MUCH happier in the long run... whatever you do, DO NOT put the screen down where the pocket is - it is blocked by the shifter and both you and the rear passengers will suffer... your hands will have to snake through just to reach the screen...
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    i initialy thought about putitng my screen low but like mgithens said you have to snake in there to use it, passengers love to watch the screen even if its not really showing anything too.

    I personally would not get rid of the a/c controls for use with a relay. Maybe have the usb relay be a secondry method of controlling and but the dials in the glove box or something.

    As I see it you have a few options.
    1) Move a/c and fab in a screen
    2) Buy a motorized or non motorized screen and have it replace your radio.
    3) Buy moto/nonmoto screen and have it be in your slot with the screen pulling out and up.

    I personally do not like the pullout screens - I wanted something fixed. I also think it is important to have your screen just higher than your shifter. Its a real convenient place to support your hands when using the system (i drive a stick so its there anyway)

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