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Thread: radio seperate

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    radio seperate

    would it be easier to install a head unit strictly for the radio and have the computer run everyhting else or is it easy to hook the radio up the the computer?

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    It's easier to use a headunit for radio, if that's the route you want to take.
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    if you have the room and you really cant live without good radio, you might want to keep the headunit. Its not that hard to hook the HQCT up to the pc. and for a tuner its pretty good, but it still doesnt beat a full blown head unit.

    I dont listen to the radio all that much, so the HQCT is perfect for me besides the fact i had no real room to have a radio and a touch screen...... btw the HQCT(high quality car tuner) has a thread in the hardware development section, and you can buy it in the mp3car store. its one of the best options in my opinion for a computer am/fm tuner and its very very new right now, so it can only get better. just my .02
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    who listens to the radio any more?

    nothing but crap on it anyways...
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