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Thread: VIA's boards and upcoming boards

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    VIA's boards and upcoming boards

    I am doin some research on what board i want for my carpc and was wantin some little help with the experienced users here.

    I was lookin at the EPIA-EN boards, EPIA-CN boards and the new Nano EPIA-NL boards.

    Now, from what i gathered-
    CN uses the new C7 chip offering a max of 1.3ghz and faster memory.
    EN uses the C7 chip with a max of 1.5ghz
    NL nano uses Corefusion with a max of 1.0ghz

    The NL is over $300 easy, CN mid $200, EN just under $200.

    If taking for granted all 3 boards would be running 1gb of it's fastest compatible memory stick, would i still be ok just running the EPIA-CN board for mainly music\video and emulators?

    I just recently read somewhere else that Gigabyte was about to come out with their own Mini-ITX board but specs are kinda unknown...I'm waitin for a response back from them to see what the specs are and all that.

    And correct me if I am wrong but out of the CN and EN board, isn't the CN board the fanless design ONLY out of the 2?

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    I will recommend the EN boards. The performace of the C7 1.5 in my opinon performs better than a pentium M 1.73.
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    so I'm guessing you got windows installed on your EN inniss?
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    which one of these boards are fanless?

    Also, Gigabyte will be releasing their Mini-ITX at the end of September. IT is suppose to be a C7 2.0GHz


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