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Thread: Motorised screens - whichis the toughest?

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    Motorised screens - whichis the toughest?


    I am new and want to put a computer into my Toyota Landcruiser. It sees the offroad of Australia including bumps, shocks and jaring. The car comes with a double DIN stereo/CD and i was thinking of replacing this with a head deck and motorosed screen. I have had reports that the lillyput screens are not as robust as i need. Anyone have any suggestions and am i thinking along the right track? The computer will run navigation software and be a space for my CD collection essentially with cell phone integration (hopefully) internet access and MS office.

    Thanks in advance.....

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    Motorize Screen is not the best option for off road, but if you are still after one there are lot of them on EBAY.
    A Friend Of Mine bought 5 of these 2 of which I had the opportunity to play with and it seem to be ok with bumps and shocks.

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