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Thread: newbie looking for input

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    newbie looking for input

    2.5 hd 80gb
    panasonic slot load with case
    motherboard pentium 4 mini itx
    512 ram
    lilliput 7in touch screen
    150watt power supply
    thinking on going with road runner front end

    this is gonna be my first system based on what i learn from you guys, i've read that rr can be a pain, but i work at cc, and the computer install guys gonna help out if needed, i do car installs and a few fab. jobs on the side, still learning though. one ? i do have is, is it possible to put the drive up front instead of the back with the pc and how hard would that be? its all going into a 2006 scion tc so i know the screen is pretty easy, and wouldn't take anything mount the drive anywhere just don't know if there would be a problem extending or running the wires that far. i know almost nothing about computers, but my family is very into them so have the help when/if needed for programming.
    any input or info links are greatly appreciated

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    iG, P4 and RR is really a great combo to start out with. I wouldn't worry about putting the HD up front (i don't think IDE can go that far anyways). Are you worried about damage caused by vibration or something? A good quality HD will last pretty long in a TC IMO, that is, if you avoid the pot-holes.

    I suggest looking into skins for Road Runner that have iGuidance support built in (LSX Void for example). It will save you a ton of time not having to mess with embedding/skinning iG on your own.

    Good luck and welcome!
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    i meant putting the disc drive up front so i can load cd's and dvds. what kinda of internet connect would you run???

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    convert the drive to usb and its easy to go that distance

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    get an external enclosure for the cd drive.

    MANY people have done that on here with great success.

    you're asking about the Internet connection? why?
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    thanks guys, no i figured out the internet questions i had, still got a little bit of reading and searching to do, thanks again the newbie

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