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Thread: Question about wiring for headunit + touchscreen

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    Question about wiring for headunit + touchscreen

    i am beginning to set up my carputer and i have an old sony headunit with an aux in, which i plan on using. right now this is wired to the original car harness. i also want to connect the motorized touchscreen to the same oem wire harness. will i run into any problems i have heard people say you need to run a dedicated +12 from the battery for the screen. Is this really necessary? I mean my stock wire harness cant run like 30 watts of power. i just want to make sure i dont start a fire. FYI- the touchscreen +12 has a fuse on it.

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    People recommend running a 12V wire from the PSU not because of the current (BTW 2.5A for a stock wire seems a bit low), but for the voltage.
    If the voltage exceeds 12V, which is normal when the car is turned on, the screen's life will be shortened and the image would get dimmer and dimmer over time at an accelerated rate (as opposed to regulated 12V input).
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    i think its ok if the voltage is lower or higher. The unit i have is the MTSVO-SC, which according to the directions has an operating voltage of 10.5 to 14V DC.

    My real question is can the stock wires take both the headunit and touch screen. Anybody out their doing this.

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