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Thread: FM Radio Input Via Aux Line

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    FM Radio Input Via Aux Line

    I was trying to figure out how to achieve (sorry for my english) good FM Radio reception using in my car while moving, I have read a lot of posts here in the forum suggesting tuners (not stable) usb dongles (poor reception) I bought a TV tuner with 5 star fm reception but it is too expensive just to hear fm Radio.

    It's there any small fm radio (pretty small to put somewhere in the car, with a remote and a lcd so I can tune the radio with the remote see the station on the remote (or lcd in front of radio) and pass the audio trought aux line in the sound card (I can do that)

    Please any suggestions, welcome, more than welcome. Thanks

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    for fm and a carpc.. do a search for HQCT on this forum. nothing so far beats an actual head unit but the HQCT is by far the best radio hardware for the car.
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