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Thread: Completely new..

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    Completely new..

    So..I decided last night that I wanted to put a PC into my car. I've been toying with the idea till now, but I finally decided that instead of dropping a grand on a fancy headunit that only plays music (no HDD or anything) I'd rather take on the job of putting the lcd in my dash myself, learning to fabricate what I need to make it smooth, etc.

    So here's my questions. I've been browsing around and trying to find a good price on stuff, but I don't know the first thing i should be looking for. I want to keep it cheaper, as much as I can (college student, heh). If anyone can suggest where to start, I'd appreciate it. Looking for links on how to fabricate a plate for my dash if i need it (more than likely will), explanations on how the wires are getting hooked up, etc.

    Total noob here, but I'm ready dive head first into this once I get all my info in order. Thanks in advance all!

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    first, look in the fabricationb forum, thats basically where u need to go to start, theres tons of information

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    Thanks I know I'll be needing to cut some extra space somehow. Upon further inspection, I might not be able to fab a screen into my dash. Don't know if I have the vertical space. Going to measure and post some pics in the fab forum after classes today.

    If I can't put the screen in the dash, would my best option then be to check out the motorized touch screens?

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