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    New to the board - I've been using the site to research my CarPC project, and I'm pretty close to start ordering a few things (which I'll do right from here as well!)

    Just wanted to say hello - my project will be a CarPC, 8" touchscreen, custom dash in a '03 Z06. Plan on including 11g, BT, GPS - and also keeping HPTuners connected up via the OBD port, so I can switch scanning/logging on anytime.

    Some outstanding info on this site, and some great looking setups!

    Seeya -

    2003 Millennium Yellow 50th Anniversary Z06
    All options including RC8! [But no B84's :D]

    Previous Vettes:
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    welcome to the board please familiarize yourself with function, and filtering

    there is way to many Nazis here, and you might get flamed for no reason

    R. T. F. M

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