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Thread: wiring diagram for 1987 ford ranger

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    wiring diagram for 1987 ford ranger

    I have a problem.I put a 1987 2.9 V-6 in my 94 ranger. It had a 4.0 v-6. All I want to do is use a separate wire system to get it to run.I have the brain and every thing else out of the 87 ranger, but the wire harness was destroyed by fire in the cab so I just need the color codes to know where and to what each wire needs to go and I will just use a seperate power switch and hot wire to power it all. I have all the conectors on the engine,but they only have a short tag wire on each of them and I don't know where what wire needs to go. I am bypassing all instruments and dash acc, I just want to be able to make it run untill my 94 engine is rebuilt. Can anyone tell me how to do this without destroying my 94 harness and conections.I am desparately needing it to drive to work.

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    I suggest checking out a Ford-specific forum or getting a shop manual.
    These forums are focused on installing PCs in cars, not tinkering with engine management computers.

    Good luck with your project, though.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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