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Thread: Best way to power an external media enclosure (harddrive with built-in software)

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    Best way to power an external media enclosure (harddrive with built-in software)

    I have an Acura TSX with navigation and want to connect an external media enclosure to my navi screen. I already got everything hooked up but can't figure out a good way to power the media enclosure. It's a Vizo Opera 2.5" enclosure and it needs 12v to 5v (2.0A max) car adapter. I went to Radio Shack and Circuit City and all they have are the universal adapters for 3v,4.5v,6v,etc. The salesguy also mentioned the universal adapters don't have enough amp for the media player. Advice??

    info on the media player

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Thanks for the link but I was looking for something a little more plug and play. Something similar to the universal adapter but with the right voltage and ampere. Complete noob here and no idea how to connect the POL.

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