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Thread: carputer speedup

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    carputer speedup

    whats the best thing to do to speed up my carputer its the lilliput 1 gig 80 g harddrive 512 ram,running xp pro,running with front end roadrunneror i might change to frodoplayer if thats quicker
    cheers richard

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    dude, have you looked around here? not only is that topic widely covered here, but all over the web. check out the software and software development section, under os optimization. theres alot of stuff there. also google will get you good results. look for bootvis. that helped my desktop out quite a bit.
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    upgrading ram, cpu and hd speed always speeds up a comp, but if you dont want to spend money, os optimization is the way to go

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    thanks I'll give it a GO, never thought of using the wording os optimization
    i was looking up speed up lol

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