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Thread: Infill T3 in the UK: Some questions

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    Infill T3 in the UK: Some questions

    Hi all,

    I'm new here so firstly, hello!

    I'm not new to in-car mp3 as for the past few years I've been using a Rio Car (empeg) but the Infill T3 looks pretty good (although I may hold out for the G4).

    I have a couple of questions though about UK use that I'm hoping someone here can help me with.

    1) Is there a UK model that would allow the TV tuner to work? As I understand it, the ones in the store will be for the US market.

    2) Is there a UK version of streetdeck available? The US maps won't be much use to me here in sunny Scotland

    3) Whats the build quality of these units like? Its always an unknown with these companies!

    Anything else that I'd need to keep in mind?

    Thanks guys!

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    StreetDeck works in Europe in Beta mode now. Can't write more. plane is taking off. The Store might be able to send you a Europe T3 beta unit.

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