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Thread: Yet another Avic-n3 question

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    Yet another Avic-n3 question

    Pardon the lengthy post. I'm trying to explain all important details to what I see as an important decision I need to make. I come to you guys, the experts for your help!

    Currently I have an 05 Quad-Cab HEMI Ram. Purchased, not leased.

    I have a cingular 8125 phone with tomtom and a bluetooth Holux GPS.

    The trucks radio is stock with steering wheel controls as well.

    I'm a techie at heart. my bedroom is complete with an xbox modded by me and running linux and have been building PCs since the 80286 era. I'm also a gear head too. I used to race a mustang GT for years and did all of the bolt-ons and replacement trans's/exhaust/etc myself.

    So I wanted to add dvd/mp3 to the truck. eventually maybe add headrest monitors.

    I NEED to add a rear camera for backing this truck up. I've cracked the back bumper twice in the last year.

    I have no problem with my ability to perform any job. I am however limited on time. I do like admiring jobs that I've done. So I'm on the fence with that.

    OK, that all being said, I have 3 options that I see.

    1) A low end pioneer in dash 6.5" 1 DIN head unit. Adds MP3, DVD, and a backup camera. Installed with "know the manager" discounts from ABC Warehouse, I'm looking at around $850 installed with tax.

    Pros: Low price. No work on my part.
    Cons: No hard drive (but can use CDs/mp3s). No internet. No GPS. Need add-ons to make the steering controls work(talking to my local car shop you can add on controls to these and still use the steering controls)

    2)High end pioneer AVIC-N3. Right around $1700-1800 installed camera included.

    Pros: No work on my part. Has everything I want today.

    Cons: In a perfect world I'd love to have XP in my car. Would like a web browser and from reading here a truckputer will bluetooth work with my cingular 8125 phone giving it web access. I'd love to have it hook upto the ODBII and watch the dials spin. Being able to change which GPS software I use at a wim is nice which I could do on a carputer. There's a lot of things running windows or linux would be great for. None of which the avic does. but everything i want today it does do. If I want to add a TV tuner, it's another $200.

    3) Build my carputer. I could still be lazy i think (can someone verify this) and do something like the lilli monitor and lilli computer like this guy is selling

    This sounds like a super fun project that could result in a lot of smiles, and some bloody knuckles hehehe. Price sounds like it could vary from $500ish to $2000. There's no guarantee this will turn out right, i'm guessing. But could turn out great.

    I could even go crazy here and do what some others have done and turn this into a double din with some moderate modifications to the dash relocating the existing controls. Other than the head unit stock size, there's a lot of room for hiding like under the middle front seat. I'd love to do something bad a$$ and have a new baby to show off and let people admire my work.

    Knowing i'm on limited time, enjoy challenges, and working on my only vehicle (no spare car to drive), does anyone have any advice or recomenations on any of this? I'm looking for any advice at all here I'm not really sold to any of the 3 choices right now. To complicate things even more I saw a nice kenwood that has a 7" monitor that is like my choice #1 that is even cheaper, bigger display and the screen looked better.

    thanks if ya read this


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    If you go ahead with the CarPC, my only suggestion is to take your time reading up on the forums here, and keep a papertrail of the parts you want to use rather than actually buying them. Then once your satisified with the setup you have when your done, order the parts all at once and move onto a testbench to get the system working to your liking before ever even installing it in the truck. After that is pretty much up to you what you are going to do and how your going to mount everything.

    Otherwise, if all you really need is mp3, dvd and backup camera, just go with one of those prefabbed retail brands, get the hookup on the install, and get instant gratification a few hours later when the install is finished and you didnt even scrape your knuckles. There is no way with a CarPC you will ever get the satisfaction of the job being "complete" since there will always be another tweak or part that you want to upgrade to later.

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    yeah, I've been reading a ton here so far.

    In addition to the questions above that I asked, I just thought of another.

    In almost everything that I've read, everyone says how the lilli monitor and xenac or whatever are insane in resolution compared to like a pioneer. Will movies look many times better with a carputer over what they would on an avic-n3?

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