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Thread: Ampie mounting vertically?

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    Ampie mounting vertically?

    I have been thinking of where I could mount my ampie case and I was wondering if anyone has mounted the case vertically instead of horizontally. What I had a thought of was to mount it against the back footwell of the passenger seat. This would make much of the wiring simpler because everything is up front. Has anyone done this before or is the case not meant to be like this? However, I'm not sure it would be easy to mount like this.

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    It would mount in the same manner, and will work fine.
    I have one mounted this way too, and have no problems., E-Cig Mods
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    Lol, great timing. I was JUST about to ask this question, because I own a minivan and I want to screw my Amplifier onto the back of the rear seats. Most of the time I'm not using these seats, but i just wanted to make sure, that when i am using them, the amp woundnt run into problems being mounted vertically.
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