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Thread: is this doable?

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    is this doable?


    i was thinking, is it possible to intergrate a road angel type thing into my gps sat nav (still havent decided on gps sat nav program yet but ive chosen rr) or atleast as its own function? for those that dont know, road angel tells u the speed limit where ever u are (radar detector is useless if u dont know the speed limit :P) link


    p.s. has anyone sucsessfully intergrated a radar detector to their carpc?

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    Unless there is a transmitter somewhere along every road kicking out the speed limit for that thing to pick up, its running off a database of soemkind. Its probably just got the road "type" (i.e. residental, highway, etc etc) and displays a minimum speed limit for that type. I havent tried any gps software on the road yet because my carpc isnt fully functional, but ive read alot of guys talking about speed limits on their gps software. One person mentioned a annoying alarm that went off when he was speeding. That leads me to believe with the right software, you shouoldnt need the road angel, just more research on a good gps software.
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    afaik road angel has its own gps database that automatically updates itself, was looking for something similar on my carpc set up, thats all.

    if i cant, its no trouble ill just have more on my dash (space isnt an issue).

    i know some cars have that alarm from the factory, but it needs to be set every time the limit changes (given that u know the limit, thats my issue.).

    but yeah thanks ill keep searching.

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