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Thread: Car PC placement???

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    Car PC placement???

    Hi, I was planning on installing my computer in the trunk of my car. I then realized that my Subwoofers have big magnets on the back them. Will this cause problems for my computer? I was planning and doing a custom install in my trunk and placing the computer in the middle of my 2 subs, but I thinking that might not be such a good idea. Any thoughts? Work arounds?


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    I had two tens running free air in my trunk for awhile. One of the magnets was literally touching my car pc case, and no problems what so-ever. While most people will recommend against it (including myself) I personally had no problems with it.

    Now what I wouldn't do is put the car pc in the same box as the subs, the vibrations will have more of a negative effect

    and btw had you searched you would have found just this information many times over.

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