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Thread: pci sound card And ACC

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    Question pci sound card And ACC


    1- I'm in the process of buy everything I need to install my car pc, and I don't want to use my onboard sound card, or usb. I want a PCI one but I don't know which one buy because I been reading on the forum that some sounds card have issues waking up from the hibernation, and stand by. Do you guys recommend me one without tha issue. Don't have to be a high-end, something that sound good it's ok.

    2- Can I use the same cable that I use to turn on the radio when I turn the car on or put the key into the car, to turn the power supply on to?

    thanks u guys
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    1 - Most of the problems people who have problems when resuming from standby, use usb/firewire sound cards. For the most part you should not have trouble with a regular PCI soundcard.

    I use s3 and this card

    2 - yes.

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