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Thread: How much will I need for this setup?

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    How much will I need for this setup?

    hey everyone I'm interested in upgrading my audio system and so far I've saved up 1500. What I'm looking to get is 2 12" jlw3's and the enclosure for them, I'll also need to get 1 or 2 jl amps that will work perfectly with those subs does anyone know if what I saved up will be enough or how much more I will need. looking to get this as soon as possible. thanks to anyone with an estimate

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    12w3s run about $275 each. a box can run $20 - $1000. amps can run $100-$2000.

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    Check out JL audio's website, they have some preload stuff. its pretty easy to match amps and subs together. i am not sure on the knid of wattage your looking at but the single 10w6 i am going to put in my truck will be powered by the JL 500/1 amp. 500 watts. i think that JL audio is a good choice. but you need to reseach more about this and use

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