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Thread: A newbie attempt at a Car PC in an '03 Accord

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    A newbie attempt at a Car PC in an '03 Accord

    So I started this weekend googling for audio adapters for a 2003 Honda Accord HU, so I could plug in my MP3 player into the factory sound system, since there would be no way I was going to rip apart the HU (with CD changer) and try to install an after market sound system. Long story short, I stumbled into this forum, and became enlightened to the fact that there is a better way - a car PC!

    After much searching, lurking, and googling, I decided upon and ordered the following components:

    C134 Mini-ITX Car System (CarC134) $640
    Hard Disk/Flash: 2.5" 40GB
    Memory: Low Profile RAM 512MB
    Case: C134 Mini-ITX Case - Black
    Mainboard: EPIA ML6000EA
    CD/DVD Drive: Slotloading CD-RW/DVD Combo
    Power Supply: 90 Watt M1-ATX Intelligent Automotive Power Supply
    Operating System: Windows XP Home

    7in. In-dash touchscreen VGA (DWW-700H) $290
    Honda Accord Audio Attachment (08B06-SDA-100) $48.70
    Honda/Acura 1998-2005 14 pin (Car2PC-HON) $75
    BR-3 OBD-II Scan Tool (complete) $83

    (had to remove the site names due to forum rules)

    I already mentioned that I'm not interested in cutting a lot of dashboard up, and my bondo days are long past. I plan to install the in-dash LCD *under* the C134 for the simple reason that when it's fully extended, it should (hopefully) clear the power/volume knob on the HU and still be at an acceptable viewing angle. I decided against a motorized in-dash LCD for two reasons: 1) My budget was "keep it under $1000", and 2)When in park, the shifter would block the LCD from extending, and I was afraid someone would press the button while the car was in park... oh yeah, and 2.1) the manual LCD pivots left/right so it should be easier to view and control. It *should* also clear the shifter when in drive.

    Oh - and please let me know if you see any 'gotchas' in this setup; I'm definitely a newbie at this.
    Current plan: MP3 & video playback; OBD
    Future: Nav; Wi-fi; Bluetooth
    Future future: Back-up camera

    Those of you that did the math know I went a bit over budget, but the "maintenance required" light that turned on two weeks ago has been bugging me, which is why I dropped $83 on OBD (my soldering skills also aren't what they used to be).

    Pics in a couple of weeks (I won't be able to do much until mid- November).

    Thanks to all that have gone before and shown me the way!

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    can't wait to see the picture

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