I'd like to know what kind of connector(s) I need for my 2.5" seagate 5400RPM S-ATA HDD. I notice on the back of the drive there is a 15,7 and 4 pin connector. I've been researching a bit , including a +2.5+sata on this site. But I haven't found anything that breaks it down to my newbie level yet. I've found this, but if the power connector is part of/ all of the 7 or 15 pin connector, then that is contrary to what I hought the 4 pin connector is for. This is, as the title states, going to (somehow) connect to an ASUS M2N/MX uATX motherboard. A little explination of what each of the groups of connectors are for would be nice also. The official SATA site was not much help in this regard as well.