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Thread: 50-pin JAE to IDE adapter for sony dvd burner (model DW-U50A)

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    Exclamation 50-pin JAE to IDE adapter for sony dvd burner (model DW-U50A)

    Hi everyone - more computer related question then car related

    I require a 50-pin JAE to 40-pin adapter so I can add my old laptops dvd burner to my new desktop computer. Not sure if all jae to ide adapters are the same, but from the photo's I have seen here - I think my dvd has the same sex connection as the adapter...

    Could someone please let me know what JEA to IDE adapter I can use for the sony slimline laptop dvd burner model number DW-U50A so I can then add this to my motherboard? Mine seems to be a male connection and the adapter looks like it's male also??

    I would also like to know where I can get these, I am in Australia (don't hold it against me), but don't mind if I can get one sent from the US?

    Also, if anyone knows of any issues or step by step instructions for me to follow if it's not just a case of plug and play - that will be greatly appreciated also!!!

    Thanks for your help guys!!! Clare

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    Thumbs up JAE gender convert - got the answer!!


    No one need to reply as I found out that ALL laptop DVD's only have the female JAE contection and if there is a male one sticking out - it will be a male to male gender changer.

    Anyone else with this issue - take the screws out of the outside casing and you will reveal the removeable JAE adapter.

    You can still go ahead and purchase the generic JAE 50-pin to IDE 40-pin adapter to add the slimline DVD to a desktop computer or carPC.


    PS, great site with heaps of information, along with interesting reading

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