I'm new to the forums and havea few questions. I found this item http://www.japanparts.com/images/Ima...base=1&no=1335 (silver unit) (taken apart http://www.japanparts.com/images/Ima...base=1&no=1337 ) and its for a camera and gps.

My question is, should this be a soverign unit (just double sided tape sticking it to the car? I _think_ thats how the WRC cars use this item. They stick a camera for filming everything and a GPS unit to track the car's progress. I don't think its hooked up to the cabin of the car at all.

If I wanted to mount this thing and attach it to the cabin, what would I need to do? Do you know of a camera that would fit in it? Is it structuraly safe to drill a hole in the roof for the camera and gps? Do they make bluetooth cameras?

What I wanted to do was stick a camera in this unit, and if possible, wirelessly connect to a laptop inside the cabin and remotely control the recording of film. Also if possible, I would like to run a GPS navigation system with the unit. Do they make GPS antennae that will fit that small hole at the top?

I forgot to add, I'm looking for a high res camera.