Ok so i have been researching lot on this site, and i would like to say that this is the best site ever!!!

I am looking to get the best sound quailty out to my speakers. The best way that i have came up with is (due to research on this site):

Computer (optical output) --> alpine PXA-H701 (optical Input/RCA out) W/ RUX-C701 (controling unit) --> my JL audio amps --> JL audio componet speakers.

My question is:

Is there a way to control the Alpine PXA-H701 using the PC instead of the RUX-C701? I would really rather do that, for one, its one less peice of equipment to buy and hook up, also I would like to keep everything controled by my pc. Please if there is any one out there that has done this please let me know.