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Thread: 1st setup, opinions please

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    1st setup, opinions please

    Hey guys

    I was going to buy an in car Pinoneer GPS system when i can acorss this site (thanks a lot )
    So after 2 days of reading i think i am ready to order eveything i need.
    Here is my list, let me know if i am good to go
    My car is a 1998 Integra Type . I am worried my LCD choice will not clear the dash or shifter. Does anyone know?


    -PC (already have) is an IBM 6648-RAU, small forum factor. Only 3 inches thick. Uses the laptopsyle CD rom already (so easy enough to change for a DVD later). Factory Power supply is only 110w

    -DC-DC Power supply. Little torn here (leaning towrds this one, cheaper haha)

    -OBD2 scanner

    -for sound i am going to leave my factory deck in place and use this

    -upgradeing the sound card (is this a good choice?)

    And i'll need some misc lines to extend things

    I am very worried the display will not clear my dash, anyone have any input????

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    post a picture of your car's interior with a measuring instrument for scale. maybe someone can help. how much clearance do you have from the dash to the shifter?

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