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Thread: Basic question

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    Basic question

    Hey guys,

    I stumbled upon this forum looking for FM modulators, looked around, and found it interesting, and perhaps a few things I can undertake eventually.

    Anyway, here's my situation:

    I'll shortly be in a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Because it's Limited, it came with a 10 CD changer stock from DaimlerChrysler, as well as steering wheel mounted audio controls. What I want to do is have an aux in for my iRiver (H10).

    I'd get a new deck, but I dont want to lose the functionality of the CD changer or the steering wheel audio controls. What is my best option for hooking up the iRiver (standard 3.5mm headphone output)? I saw a setup that hard wires satellite radio to an FM station, which I believe is an FM modulator. Can anyone suggest a good quality modulator? Are there any other options?

    Thanks in advance.

    -- George.

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    There's no such thing as a good quality modulator, although some are better than others. The sound quality will be mediocre at best.

    Hard-wired modulators are better than the broadcasting ones, for obvious reasons.

    In your situation, I don't think there are other options, unless you want to use a casette adapter if you have a factory casette player. The sound could be marginally better, but then you have a wire hanging out of your casette player...
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    Yeah, I'm looking for a hard-wired modulator. What's the best one available, does anyone know?

    -- George.

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