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Thread: Clifford Alarm Question

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    Clifford Alarm Question

    I've had the rs3.5 alarm for over a year and a half now and recently my alarm randomly goes off. When I lock my car it beeps onces, then after 3 seconds theres a 2nd beep and it shows my door sign on my key. What could be the problem?

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    It appears the sensor for one of the doors isn't working. This isn't the door ajar sensor, this is a separate Clifford sensor that ties into the door ajar sensor (at least that is how it is on my car). The 2nd beep is warning you that one of your doors is still open, but the system has been armed. My recommendation, take it back to the shop and tell them you think one of the door sensors is malfunctioning.

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    yeah what musters said.. just make sure all your doors are shut.. if they are and its still doing it it shouldnt be hard to fix just first make sure all the connections are still good at the brain of the alarm and than check all the door pinswitches.. the drawback to not fixing this problem is the alarm will not go offf if the door is opened.. pretty much it disables all the doors sensors.. however the shock sensor and kill start will still function properly.. so if u'd rather not deal with the trouble of getting it fixed thats ur only drawback.. good luck.

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