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Thread: question for dash kit of these 2 products

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    question for dash kit of these 2 products

    the 2 products are the AVH-P6800DVD (,00.html) and the AVH-P5700DVD (,00.html) both from pioneer. my question is, what does it mean when it says "in-dash". both say they are in-dash. does that mean they fold into the dash? if so, how would the avh-6800 fold in and where would you insert the cd?sorry for the newb question.

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    The AVH-P6800DVD is a double din In-dash unit. Meaning it takes up twice the amount of space in the dash. If you look at the picture closely the bottom right button is the button to move the screen out of the way. The entire screens slides down and tips back to expose the DVD drive. The other model, AVH-P5700DVD, the screen tips forward and slides into the dash.

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