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Thread: i love my TRUCK-PC

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    i love my TRUCK-PC

    just wanted to say that. I started 2 years ago on it- from here at MP3CAR , and its been HELL ever since. but its been completed for a year now, yet every couple of months, i have to take it apart and clean it and such from moisture, cig.smoke, etc, it just coases it to start messing up. I think Im going to pull it all out and sell off the rest of my parts. I dont even use theXMPCR anymore.
    Hey guys/gals, tell ya what im going to start putting my sell up for sale at my EBAY Store. If you want something specific then let me know.

    **MY NEW STORE** Come Visit

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    what parts do u have? do u have the whole carputer? how much would u sell the carputer for?

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