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Thread: cd-rom drive as cd player

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    cd-rom drive as cd player

    I have an extra cd-rom drive lying around, so i thought of making a cd-rom drive car cd player. I know how to suppy power the cd drive. I know how to make the connections using 7805, etc. What i don't know is how to make an amplifier so that the sound out of the cd drive is amplified according to my speakers.

    Please can anyone help me or direct me somewhere where i can learn to build an amp for my cd drive player.

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    hmmmm, hook it up through a carputer???
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    i know i can build a carputer. but i want to do it directly with a cd-rom drive this time.

    please, i need some ideas..

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    If your CD rom comes with an AUX out at the front panel, then jus hookup a constant volume amp will do coz you can control the volume from the CD rom itself, rite?

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