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Thread: Can't get Flash Player to install

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    Can't get Flash Player to install

    I am running Road Runner and i'm trying to get the flash logo to work. I have tried to install flash player 8 and 9, but i get the same problem. when I try to install a box comes up that says

    Directory not found
    Setup could not find your browsers plugins directory
    Click Browse and locate the plugins directory
    To install this directory, click install
    And for the destination, it set to: C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash

    So I click install - and it does a short 1 sec install and disappears it does nothing more, and Flash still dosn't work.

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    Are you using an nlited version of XP?

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    no I am using the full version of xp, and I am not connected to the internet.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated- Thanks.

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    Anybody have any ideas? Thanks for any Help you can offer.

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