I'm very new to this. But this is an idea of what I would like to do with my car.
I have a ipaq h3600 that I would like to build my system around just because its available. In my car I have a pioneer deh-p6400 with an aux cord already installed. My plan is to get a dual pcmcia expansion pack that for the ipaq and install a wifi adapter (ipaq doesnt have any built-in bluetooth or wifi capabilities). Then I would like to get a pcmcia to ide adapter to hook a large gigabyte hard drive to the ipaq. To power this I'm going to get a car adapter and keep it always plugged in. I figure there probably is a more efficient way but I can't figure one out. With the wireless capability I don't think it will be to hard to sync my music between my computer and ipaq but I'm kind of unsure of how the hard drive will be detected by my ipaq. Once I get this done I was hoping someone would have some knowledge on how to execute commands on an ipaq through an ifrared remote. Any tips, hints or questions would be greatly appreciated.