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Thread: A Neewbe with more of a need than a want

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    Talking A Neewbe with more of a need than a want

    Hi Ya People.
    To start with GR8 Forum. Ive been reading for hours and just cant get enough.
    My sitch is this my wife and I are about to be repo'd so we reckoned on buying a bus and traveling. As we have loads of kit thats going into storage inc our pc's & home entertainment system, I had the bright idea of carputing. So i managed to pick up a Advantech 125T Touchscreen, PIII 800mhz, 256mb ram,30 gb HDD. We also have 2 x Nokia 6230I's, an N70,160Gb external HDD,TOMTOM Go 300, 300w inverter and a lot of room. Now i've done as you lot surgested and played about with some front ends and like RR, I've also played with v 1.4.xx which a friend lent me. Could anybody tell me if this is a good setup? should i change anything? All I wish to do is be able to control Phone,Satnav & Music while driving and play dvd's and TV on a separate screen while parked up.
    Well i reckon i just broke every forum rule so big SORRY.

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    Considering you're in financial straits, embarking on a vehicle cmputing project is not my recommendation.
    This is a hobby that will drain funds away quicker than you ever thought possible. $125 for tyhe hardware to use Sirius on your PC... $150 for a PSU... $40 for extra RAM... $50 in parts for the installation... $300 fro a new screen.... $20 for more fuses because you screwed up your wiring... And so on and so on....

    Save your bucks. Do without for now. get your other financial circumstances in order first.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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