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Thread: Torn... OS decision

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    Torn... OS decision

    Ok, guess I'm only allowed to post in the newbie section (tried linux but...)

    My useage of the carpc I'm planning is going to be a bit different than most of yours (from what I see).

    Primary use will be network / print server (have a laptop + adding a palm T|X that I'll mostly be using) Print server mostly because I have to reboot my laptop every time I connect the Deskjet 350 due to that silly usb -> parallel adapter. Network router, tons of public wifi hotspots around here, and a couple private (paid for) networks that I regularly connect to.

    Secondary use - I want to get rid of all those "Where are you, where ya headed" phone calls (average 12 a day), GPS datalogging will be used, and if I can figure out how - have GPS data (intended waypoints + where I am / have been data) puked out to a website somewheres.

    Minimal use - Navigation - Generally I know where I'm going - but there are a few occasions a month where I may put it to use. MP3 serving - keeping my head unit for am/fm radio, but I'll probably connect the soundcard output to the aux input. Tempted by that IR / night vision camera technology I'm reading of here - may be a future consideration.

    Hardware wise I'm going to be using:
    Toughbook cf-45 (233mhz, 128meg, 10gig hdd) - Nice since it has vga output and a true serial / parallel, usb of course, 2 pcmcia slots and onboard sound. Already own the panasonic 12v car adapter no issues there.

    Have an orinoco 802.11b pcmcia card for it.
    Second wifi card - undecided might grab an orinioco 802.11g

    Deskjet 350c printer

    LCD touchscreen - still under consideration.

    GPS rx, undecided nothing bluetooth or fancy - hardwired (likely a USB)

    May add a GPRS/WAP cell down the road for redundant network access...

    Linux is way better for primary goal, except for automatically detecting/connecting to wifi networks, windows is way better for the gps (if I'm understanding correctly). Either one could probably do it - but being stuck running (at best 2000) linux is probably the better road

    Basically I'm confused - looking for advice from those better with the software / configuration side... Before I get too deep and end up having to rethink how I'm going to accomplish this stuff...

    Thanks in advance,


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    very suave.

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    Might want to try posting this in here -->
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