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Thread: Got my 1st Alarm and Remote Starter, I have a couple Questions?

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    Got my 1st Alarm and Remote Starter, I have a couple Questions?

    I have the Accele AS805 W/Remote and Paging on my 03 Lancer, I clueless what this alarm does? I know the basics like unlocking locking, Remote Start etc... But my question is what does this device really do, What is shock sensors, AUX, Etc... Also where I had it installed they said they cant have my truck open up from the keypad from the keyless keypad? Is this true? or Are they bull****in me, Also I want to get an extra LCD Keypad, I asked them and they said they don't know? So again I am confused, If someone could please help me out I would greatly appreciated it, Thanks

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    I have a Compustar alarm/starter. The reason they couldn't have my trunk pop from the remote is because my car didn't come from the factory with an actuator on the trunk. But for $100, they could install an actuator and then hook it up. So it can be done, just requires more hardware and time. So I just installed and wired up an actuator myself, presto, my trunk pops. This is assuming you meant to write trunk instead of truck.

    And the extra LCD remote is about $110. That means don't break the one you have. If they didn't know the answers to these questions, I wouldn't trust them near my car.
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