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Thread: newbie pc in truck ?'s

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    newbie pc in truck ?'s

    I am trying to put together a pc for my truck. I have a 03 f-250 diesel. I built a center console that goes from the dash to the back seat made out of mdf and fiberglass. It houses 2 15" mtx subs for the audio. It has a 17" lcd monitor built for the computer. Now for the stuff i don't know much about, the pc parts. I have a mother board and processor, a dvd burner/reader, 512 memory, a 80gb hard drive and a 250 gb hard drive. I have put together home pc's before and know how they go together and what not, not a pro at all but know a little about them. I was going to put the pc parts in the center console but now worry about the vibration from the subs? Some one told me to shock proof or gel pack the hard drives, any ideas on how to protect the vibrations? Also i live in wisconsin so it is cold right now, any thoughts on this and how it will affect the pc parts? Basically any help on this subject or any links to posts i should read relating to this would be appreciated. I don't want to ruin a bunch of parts cause i didn't know what i was doing. Thanks for any help in the right direction.

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    The vibrations from the subs shouldn't be an issue.
    Shockproofing the hard drives isn't necessary. Search the forums, as there are lots of threads discussing this.

    Search for cliamte extremes, as well. That's been dscussed repeatedly.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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