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Thread: Carputer build, setup and design

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    windows is such a universal operating system that it does give you 2 things... one is the possibility of doing so many different things & as easy as popping in a disk & clicking OK, but with this also comes the possibility of problems.... some guys will tell you windows is crap or it's not stable, but this is really not the case, windows just is so incredibly bloated & includes so much stuff that is in place to automate & be as easy as possible, it's really amazing that it works as well as it does, but with all this comes the possibility of issues

    if you built a Linux system it would be much more stable, that is if you can even get it to do what you want to begin with, which is no easy task..., but it can function more like an appliance & less like a pc...

    I've done many carpc's & I've built many cars, including many show cars, but more so, many custom cars.... to me a show car is just that, for show, but a custom car is something different, although of course a custom car can also be a show car, but the difference is in the functionality & reliability of the car...

    a show car can be trailered around, & I know of show cars that don't even run normally.... roll it on & off the trailer (trailer queen) hate to discolor all that chrome... but a custom has to be functional & usable...

    to that end, what your looking for is more of a custom that will be shown... the issues there are going to be reliability & safety, this is way more of an issue with a custom as opposed to a true showcar...

    the best way to really do what you want & have it be reliable, especially in the windows domain, is going to be separate stand alone systems that can all interact with the PC, BUT also be able to function independently of the PC too, at least to some extent...

    as far as your electric emergency brake, that's easy, just source a handicap vehicle builder, you can buy a tiny winch that will do this job easily, these are used in conversions for people with no use of there legs.... a lockout & release circuit built for whenever the car is not in park & were now 100% reliable & safe there

    as far as the remote start & possibly other security & functional conveniences like windows & locks, the easiest & best way to do this will be to install a full remote stand alone system, the PC can then control this functionality as easily as having a serial or usb relay setup, & it can actually control the whole system through an RF remote for the system, meaning the PC can press button one, button 2, 1&2 together, etc.... this can be a pretty simple thing to do & it will still be 100% functional & reliable even without the PC if need be.... simple is relative though, & even this simple thing can be complicated if you don't know how to do it

    NEVER build a real custom that is going to rely on the PC for ANYTHING mission critical, or you will loose the dependability & reliability of the vehicle....

    climate control can be treated similarly, mastero's a/c controller is probably the best way for you to get a relatively complete & comprehensive system in place that can be controlled by the PC, BUT also not leave you dead if the PC is not up... if your EE is decent I'm sure he could build his own interface & have it much more specific to your individual car, where the mastero piece has many compromises to try & keep a more universal appeal... I bought mastero's piece a while ago, but never did anything with it, as I am now building my own that will be much better suited to my particular car ...

    budget? man, the Sky's the limit... my commonly used line happens to be exactly what red has said too... "how crazy do you want to go?"

    one of my own personal systems has well over $10,000 in it, & that's ME doing the labor, & that's a street car daily driver.... it's not hard to spend several times that if you get intense.... so, how crazy do YOU want to go?

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    Your on the ball there man.

    This car is being built first as a street legal car and show car 2nd, making this a custom car.

    We are working on our system now and ill keep you posted in my progress

    Thanks again for the help

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