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    New Guy in Town

    Well, I just figured I'd come in and say hello. After looking into intigrating an IPod and purchasing a GPS unit, I saw the $$$$ that was going to get thrown into that, and realized that this is just a better route. So..I've been lurking on here for a few weeks, and have done a LOT of planning and a LITTLE bit of actual purchasing for my carPC.

    It's going to go into a 2002 Honda Civic EX Ralleye Red 5-Speed Coupe. I plan on full out eliminating the Head Unit and using the PC for music playback and the such.

    My biggest question so far though is... I know that heat is one of the biggest killers of electronics, especially processors & HDD's... To help get around this with the amount of heat build up in the dash area, I'm thinking I'd like to put the whole setup in my trunk. Do many people do this? Are there any advantages to this vs. dash mounting? Should I worry about it getting TOO cold?

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    yep lots of people put theirs in the trunk. search around for other installs similar to yours for more ideas of location
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    Computer parts don't mind getting to cold except hard drives they tend to lock up when cold.

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    glad to see antoher civic owner. CarPC owns the crap stock HU.
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